Trailblazers: A Celebration

April 30, 2023 @ 4:00PM — 7:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) Add to Calendar

Elsie Rooftop: 1412 Broadway, 25th Floor New York, NY 10018 Get Directions

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Raise a glass to those who charted the course for HUFH’s lifesaving programs that are flourishing today, 13 years and still going strong.

Join us and our in-country leaders, Thermitus and Fritznel Jean, for cocktails, food, music and fun with a Haitian vibe as you watch the trails blaze over the NYC skyline from Elsie's Rooftop Lounge.


Our Trailblazers led the way to the lifesaving organization that HUFH remains, 13 years down the road. The last several years have been challenging for all of us, but Haiti has been hit especially hard by medical, political, and natural disasters. The path to success during these difficult times? With the roots that our trailblazers planted flourishing, HUFH's team on the ground has grown stronger than ever, delivering care to the poorest of the poor, saving lives and building a better and healthier future for the people of Haiti.

At HUFH, saving lives never takes a day off. Despite the chaotic conditions on the ground in Haiti, our lifesaving health care programs continue without interruption: building on the foundation laid by our pioneer Trailblazers, our team on the ground stops at nothing to protect the health of others.


  • Dr. Mary Ann LoFrumento
  • Dr. Beth Bromberg
  • Amy Parkin
  • LaMar Parkin
  • Dr. Allison Platt
  • Hope Bechard Poole
  • Dr. Alexis Capozzoli
  • Dr. Mitch Stein
  • Christine Salmon Wachter
  • Katie Lynn
  • Dr. Andrea Schecter
  • Johanna Navarette
  • Dr. Lori Rothman
  • Celeste Theis
  • Lynn Perton
  • Stephanie Korn
  • Dr. Tom Lacy
  • Dr. Amanda Tarkowski
  • Dr. Ted Kaplan
  • Lauren Blum
  • Samson Desamour
  • Dr. Judy Banks

In Memoriam:

  • Dr. Hemant Kairam
  • Judy McAvoy


To raise awareness and enough funds to treat 1000 malnourished children, ensure safer births, prevent premature death, deliver basic health care, and educate families to promote better health; enough to ensure that our work continues despite challenges that would defeat other organizations.

WHAT YOUR DONATION BUYS (over the cost of an event ticket):

$25 One gallon of gas, to get our staff to our program sites.
$50 Prenatal vitamins for a pregnant woman to help prevent birth defects.
$60 The daily salary for a physician in our Mobile Santè outreach clinic, seeing about 100 patients each clinic day.
$75 Screening and treatment to prevent blindness.
$100 Life-saving treatment for a malnourished child.
$200 Teaching kit to train 20 matrones in Helping Babies Survive skills.
$250 A community nurse for an entire month.
$400 Hospitalization, surgery or other advanced or specialty care for a child.
$600 Pharmaceuticals for all women in our Prenatal programs each month.
$900 A Mobile Sante Outreach Healthcare clinic, seeing about 100 patients each clinic day.
$1000 The monthly salary for 10 community health workers who work directly with families to reduce barriers to success in all of our programs.
$2500 A portable ultrasound machine to help ensure a safe pregnancy.
$4500 A water well that provides access to fresh and clean water for approximately 4000 people for more than 35 years and ensures maintenance and repairs so that it remains in good working condition. (Separate fundraising for a named dedication available.)


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